Strength. Mental x physical x emotional. It’s all I have left and with it, I will rise again. #fauxtography #strength


Ric Flair, the most ridiculous human being to ever live and a man who you never doubt for a second.

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Just jumped on the Orange Is The New Black bandwagon, and much like my girlfriend has fallen for Roman Reigns once I put her on to WWE, I am completely smitten with Dascha Polanco. She is FINE. AS. FUCK.



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Happy birthday to my brother of 15 years, @rastamentality. Much love. Turn, as the kids say, up.

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Weapons of the Future 07: Revolvers

Futuristic Toasters

i…feel things

For the upcoming Locust Emergence Day.

what’s a kiss without a little booty grabbing?

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I died laughing for 8 million years

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I lost everything I worked for. Every fucking thing. Why is everything I build made of sand and not concrete? And all I hear is “Wish I could help/keep your head up/everything will work out”. The lies people tell to make themselves look like they care hurts more than the circumstances. But as always, it is what it is.